Example of Essays for Scholarship

Dear Reader,

I understand that good essay is needed in applying scholarship. It is because the scholarship committee doesn’t know us at all. So, from what we wrote, they might get a description of ourselves. I used to be a scholarship hunter until I decided to keep working and make money. However, one day, for sure, I’ll be back as a scholarship hunter.

Below are some essays, that I used to write for CCIP (community college initiative program) sponsored by US. Department of State in cooperation with AMINEF in Indonesia.


Within your proposed Field of Study, please describe your specific area of interest and your related experience:

My specific area of interest is entrepreneurship. I like running a business and always feel happy doing it. I have started running some businesses. When I was still an active university student, I ran a Duck Farm. Luckily, when there was a student’s entrepreneurship competition from PT. Bank Mandiri, I was selected as one of the best student entrepreneurs and got funds from PT. Bank Mandiri to develop my small business. In early 2012, I also ran an English course after seeing the high motivation of students to learn English. Because I work as an English lecturer at Language Center of State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim, I could easily promote the students to learn English in my institution. However, my lack of knowledge and insight about business has made my business not run smoothly, and it no longer exists. In the end, I had to stop running it since I was finally hired by a company to work as CDP Coordinator. That’s all made a big curiosity to me on how to run and develop business well, and I am strongly motivated to study small business management, marketing management, entrepreneurship,  customer service, and other related study in the field of Business Management and Administration.


Please describe why you are a good candidate for the Community College Initiative program.  How would this program fit with your past education and training?  How would this program fit your future professional and personal goals?

Personally, I am a highly motivated person, and hardworking individual who has determination to progress any given situation. A good sense of humor and being open minded are two other personalities that I have, in the opinion of my friends. Professionally, during attendance at the State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, where I obtained a BA degree of Education, I completed two months of intensive English Courses at the University of Arizona, USA. Since then, I have also completed a number of professional qualifications such as attending Indonesia English Teacher Association (IETA) international conference in Palembang, being involved as a volunteer in Malay World Islamic World (DMDI) program in Melaka, and always being active in every seminar or workshop held by Language Center of State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim when I was still working there.

Generally, my experiences in running some businesses have given me a strong willing to study and explore more about business in order to be a great entrepreneur. Particularly, I am currently working as a community development coordinator at PT. Terralog Teknologi Indonesia. As the ‘field representative’ for community development program (CDP) in Duri, where PT. Terralog Teknologi Indonesia is operated, I work with the CDP partners to ensure the donations are being spent properly and are making a difference to the society. Our CDP projects focus on grassroots efforts for women and children, supporting: development and education, improving health care, and life skills development. In running the CDP Projects, there have been some difficulties in improving the life skills of women. This has required me to have a good knowledge ofbusiness development.

In the end, my explanations above have really supported me to follow this scholarship program. I believe, by giving me an opportunity to participate in CCIP will give significant effect to the development of Indonesia in general, and for my self improvement in particular. Moreover, it also will give me valuable experiences on how to open, run, and develop business. Considering the reasons in giving a positive input to Community Development Program and for bettering Indonesia, I strongly expect that I will be selected to join the Community College Initiative Program.

Please describe your future professional and personal goals.  How would this program help you to achieve these goals?

I dream to be a great entrepreneur and expert in business management. My highest educational background is bachelor degree in education and not even close to the business world. But, I don’t see it as my weakness; I even consider it as a strength. Because if I were to open a business in the field of education, I am sure that my experiences as a teacher, academic officer, and lecturer will make me easier to develop that business.

I am highly motivated to be a great entrepreneur because I want to help more people to be free from poverty. Since I have a very limited knowledge about business, having experience through this CCI Program will help me to be a real entrepreneur and expert in business.  Participating in this program will also open another best opportunity to further my study to Master degree level. My journey for knowledge searching will never cease. I want to solve hard challenges in specific aspects in economics. Moreover, I will share my knowledge with other people, work together with entrepreneurs around the world, and return to Indonesia, where I can develop, teach, and implement what I have learnt. In the next five years, I view myself becoming a world class businessman or entrepreneur. That is why I always believe that being a recipient of this great program will totally change my life. Besides getting unforgettable experiences about living and exploring knowledge in U.S for one year, my language improvement after this program will also strongly help me in achieving my future goals.  For me, there is no doubtin attending this program. This opportunity is the program that I have been waiting for, for so long.

What do you think will be most difficult about being away from your home for a year?  What steps will you take to overcome these difficulties?

Besides being away from my beloved family, how to overcome my brother’s school expenses will be another difficult thing for me. As an overview, since last three years, I have been regularly helping my family to pay all school expenses of my brother. He is currently studying on the first year at Agriculture faculty, Riau University. I cannot imagine if my brother had to stop when he just started to study. So, both being away from my family and overcoming my brother’s school expenses will be the most difficult about being away from my home for a year.

However, I also need to upgrade my knowledge and experiences for my better future. I finally came into the decision that whatever happens, the show must go on. After having a long discussion with my extended family regarding this matter, with all their modesty, they highly support me to reach my dream through this program. In addition, there are some steps that I want to implement to overcome the problems above:

  1. 1.      To overcome from homesickness, I will prefer to attend many activities such as volunteering, student’s club, sport activity, seminar, and workshop. Besides, I will also keep in touch with my family through phone call, or Skype call.
  2. 2.      I will make sure that my brother gets a side job to fulfill his daily needs and expenses.

I would use the allowances as efficient as possible so that I have some saving money to send for my brother’s school expenses.


Hope these essays are useful and give you an idea how to write essay. Thanks

Duri, March 2014


Ahmed S. El hamidy

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